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Learn a beautiful and ancient craft

As a result of a number of inquiries for stained glass lessons, the shop will begin offering classes on a one-on-one basis out of our cozy, well-equipped home studio.


You will learn the craft by making a simple piece no larger than 3 square feet or approximately 20" x 20" or 18" round, and no more than 30 pieces.


You will get to select a pattern from the shop’s many pattern catalogs to make your very own piece to take home with you. We provide all the materials needed (glass, solder, foil, zinc, came, chemicals, and tools) as well as the guidance and inspiration for you to create a piece of art to be proud of.


A piece this size, if artistically executed would have a value of $400 to $500. The staff will provide hands-on supervision for $300.

If you wish to make additional pieces, bench space and tool use will be available for 25% of retail value.


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