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The LaSorella family has operated a stained glass home workshop since 1978. The shop is commercially outfitted to accommodate the production of the largest of windows yet small enough to efficiently focus on each commission. We specialize in the design, production and installation of new windows as well as the repair and restoration of antique windows and lamps.
Our studio is experienced in repairing windows and lamps.  We are the shop that other shops refer for difficult repairs.  Replacing broken glass, resoldering, came junctions, removing old grout and re-puttying, adding framing and reinforcement - we've done it all for over 40 years.
Repair and restore your existing windows.  Beautiful entryway sidelight and transom windows make a stunning first impression 
to all who visit your home. We can help your home to maintain its original beauty, style, and craftsmanship.
Email us photos of your damaged windows or lamps and we will give you a solid estimate.  Our staff can remove your architectural windows, repair them, and reinstall and weatherproof when necessary.  Call us before you dispose or put your damaged windows in storage.
New custom designed windows also available. No assignment is too big or too small. We build our windows to last forever and guaranty them for our lifetime. 
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